GoCARB is a Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways project funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. The aim of the project is to support diabetes patients in counting carbohydrates and estimating the size of the insulin bolus. Although studies have shown that planning meals and counting carbohydrates is of great importance for diabetic patients, even well trained diabetic patients find it difficult to estimate carbohydrates precisely.

The aim of GoCARB is to design, develop and evaluate a system which will permit the automatic, near real-time recognition of the different types of foods on a plate and to estimate their content of carbohydrates. In addition, this information will be used to optimize the calculation of the bolus insulin dose. The ultimate objective is to have an application running on a smartphone which can be used in everyday life to support the diabetic patient during carbohydrate counting and insulin dose estimation.

GoCARB addresses the need of people with diabetes for a more effective, automated and precise way to estimate the grams of carbohydrates in food, as well as improving their management of their disease, and enhancing their quality of life.

Project Facts

Project Acronym: GoCARB
Project Full Title: Type 1 Diabetes Self-Management and Carbohydrate Counting: A Computer Vision based Approach
Project Reference: 286408
Starting Date: September 2011
Duration: 48 months