17/05/2017 - 3rd International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADiMa2017)

We are glad to announce that the 3rd International  Workshop on  Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADiMa2017) will take place on September 11 or 12, 2017 in Catania, Italy in conjunction with the ICIAP 2017 conference.

11/05/2017 - Special Issue on Nutrition Informatics Published

We are glad to announce that the IEEE special issue on Nutrition Informatics: from Food Monitoring to Dietary Management is now published. Please find more details at the IEEE JBHI website.

09/12/2016 - 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADiMa2016)

The 2nd International  Workshop on  Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADiMa2016) takes place on October 16, 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. MADiMa2016 aims to bring together researchers from the diverse fields of engineering, computer science and nutrition who investigate the use of information and communication technologies for better monitoring and management of food intake.

14/09/2016 - GoCARB@EASD2016: Results from the Clinical Trial

The results of the 1st clinical trial of GoCARB have been presented by Dr. Lia Bally at the EASD2016 conference in Munich, Germany.

09/03/2016 - IEEE J-BHI Special Issue on Nutrition Informatics: from Food Monitoring to Dietary Management

Special issue announcement. For more information please check: (DEADLINE: March 31st, 2016).

30/11/2015 - GoCARB project at the research*eu magazine

The GoCARB project coordinater, Dr. Stavroula Mougiakakou, gave an interview for  the research*eu magazine (no 47, November 2015) regarding the project's objectives and achievements so far. (pdf)

19/11/2015 - GoCARB@Austrian Diabetes Association Congress 2015

Dr. Markus Laimer presented GoCARB within the framework of his speach at the Austrian Diabetes Association Congress 2015.


14/09/2015 - GoCARB@ROCHE blogger event during the EASD2015 Annual Meeting in Stockholm

GoCARB was presented by Dr. Mougiakakou and demonstrated by both Drs. Mougiakakou and Anthimopoulos during the ROCHE blogger event (Diabetes Meet-up) at the EASD2015 Annual Meeting. Bloggers and journalists from different countries were able to see GoCARB prototype in use.

08/09/2015 - 1st International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Assessment, Sep 8, 2015, Genova, Italy

The 1st International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Assessment (MADIMA2015) will be organized in conjuction with ICIAP015 in Genova, Italy. MADiMa2015 aims to bring together researchers from the diverse fields of engineering, computer science and nutrition who investigate the use of information and communication technologies for better monitoring and management of food intake. (Deadline for […]

31/08/2015 - GoCARB Newsletter #4

GoCARB Newsletter #4 is online! Read the consortium news and achievements from April 2015 to the end of August 2015!

28/08/2015 - GoCARB Clinical Trial

We are proud to announce that the GoCARB clinical trial has started. The aim of this randomized, cross-over pilot study is to investigate the benefits of an automated determination of the carbohydrate content of meals on glycemic control in subjects with type 1 diabetes mellitus with sensor-augmented insulin pump therapy. 


14/05/2015 - GoCARB@DDG Berlin 2015, May 13-16, 2015, Berlin, Germany

The GoCARB system will be presented by Dr. Rhyner during the annual meeting of the German Diabetic Association (Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft – DDG) which will take place in Berlin, Germany. The Diabetes Congress is an annual scientific conference of DDG and every year is attended by about 6,000 participants, most of them from German speaking countries.

06/05/2015 - 6th Panhellenic Conference on Biomedical Technologies, May 6-8, 2015, Athens, Greece

Dr, Mougiakakou was invited to give a talk on Machine Learning and Personalized Diabetes Management. The presenation took place in the 6th Panhellenic Conference on Biomedical Technologies in Athens. Among others the GoCARB system was presented. The three days conference was attended by Greek engineers and scientistics conducting reaserch in the area of biomedical engineering.

30/04/2015 - GoCARB Newsletter #3

GoCARB Newsletter #3 is online! Read the consortium news and achievements from September 2014 to the end of March 2015!

21/03/2015 - 14th Hellenic Diabetes Congress, March 18-21, 2015, Athens, Greece

GoCARB's coordinator was invited to present the prototype and the latest validation results to the 14th Hellenic Diabetes Congress. Greek medical professional have been introduced to the system's funcionalities and capabilities.

13/03/2015 - Diabetes Mediendialog 2015, Hohenkammer, Germany

The latest developments of the GoCARB project have been presented in the workshop Diabetes Mediendialog 2015 organized by Roche in Hohenkammer. GoCARB was presented in diabetes experts, stakeholders, journalists and bloggers. 

12/03/2015 - Novo Nordisk 3rd EUROFORUM on CSII

The GoCARB has been presented and demostrated to more than 50 French diabetologists and diabetic patients during their visit at the Bern University Hospital "Inselspital". The visit took place within the framework of the Novo Nordisk 3rd EUROFORUM on CSII.

20/02/2015 - GoCARB@ATTD2015, February 18-21, 2015, Paris, France

The validation results of the GoCARB prototype were presented at the ATTD2015 conference on Feb 18 – 21, 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The system was validated by 19 adults with T1D using real meals. The corresponding abstract is included in the "Publications" section.


11/02/2015 - EASD Diabetes Technology, 11-12 February 2015, Düsseldorf, Germany

The GoCARB within the framework of an AP has been presented as poster during the EASD Diabetes Technology Meeting. The meeting gathers the important stakeholders from research, industry and regulatory institutions worldwide.

07/02/2015 - Jahrestagung der ADE, 07.02.2015 im Konferenzzentrum des ZDF, Mainz, Germany

The GoCARB has been presented by Dr. S. Mougiakakou during the Annual Conference of the German Diabetes Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diabetologie und Endokrinologie Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.) in Mainz. Through a presentaion entitled "Einsatz von Smartphones und Computer Vision zur Kohlenhydratgehalt Bestimmung in Mahlzeiten", German general physicians, endocrinologists, diabetologists and dieticians have been introduced to system's functionalities and informed about the validation […]


07/12/2014 - New Technologies for Diabetes Management, December 5-7, 2014, Nafplio, Greece

GoCARB has been presented to the “New Technologies for Diabetes Management” seminar organized by the Committee on Continuing Education of the Greek Paediatric Society and the1st Department of Pediatrics, P. & A. Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece. More than 200 people involved in diabetes management attended the seminar.

22/11/2014 - Deutschschweizer Diabetikertag

During the "Deutschschweizer Diabetikertag" (Bern, Switzerland), diabetes care specialists will inform individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes regarding new therapies, as well as about diabetes and lifestyle (diet, driving, exercise). Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stettler, in his speech on trends in diabetes self-management support, will present the GoCARB  project and its contribution towards […]

14/11/2014 - GoCARB in The Journal of mHealth

A report supplement  from The Journal of mHealth published on World Diabetes Day (Nov 14th) 2014. The supplement entitled Diabetes: Going Digital included an article about the GoCarb.

07/11/2014 - Diabetes Technology Meeting, November 6-8, Bethesda, USA

The GoCARB evaluation results using 21 real meals in controlled laboratory setup will be presented during the Diabetes Technology Meeting, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The corresponding abstract is included in the "Publications" section of the GoCARB website.

29/10/2014 - European Congress on eCardiology & eHealth

The trends and challenges of mHealth applications on diabetes self-management were presented during the European Congress on eCardiology & eHealth in Bern, Switzerland. Emphasis was given on the use of GoCARB in nutrition management and treatment optimization of individuals with type 1 diabetes.

29/10/2014 - GoCARB Annual Meeting, Bern, Switzerland

The GoCARB partners met in October for their Annual Meeting. The results from the Preclinical Study which took place in July – August 2014 and allowed adult volunteers with type 1 diabetes to gauge their carbohydrate counting skills against the GoCARB system were extensively discussed, along with the steps needed for the setup of the full […]

29/10/2014 - GoCARB Newsletter #2

The latest GoCARB achievements are presented in issue 2 of the project's newsletter (See Newsletter #2).

21/10/2014 - Bern University Hospital – Training cycle 2014/2015: Endocrinology – Diabetes

The GoCARB project has been presented by Dr. S. Mougiakakou to diabetologists, endocrinologists and diabetes care professionals of  the Bern University Hospital and the Canton of Bern. The presentation took place with the framework of the Training Cycle 2014/2015: Endocrinology – diabetology.

11/10/2014 - European Diabetes Technology Course, October 10-11, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

The importance of carbohydrate counting in individuals with type 1 diabetes using continuous subcutaneous glucose monitors and the possible role of GoCARB in postprandial glucose control have been presented by PD Dr. med. Markus Laimer at the European Diabetes Technology Course. The certified diabetes technology clinician program is organized by the Diabetes Technology Society in cooperation […]

09/09/2014 - “GoCARB: A Computer Vision Approach for Counting Carbohydrates” demonstration at ECCV 2014

The GoCARB prototype runs, at the moment, on Android smartphones. Interested parties could visit us at our booth at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV2014) conference in Zurich and test our application on a set of real meals.


06/09/2014 - GoCARB@Nacht der Forchung

Around 8,000 people attended the University of Bern Researchers Night 2014. As coordinator of the GoCARB project, the Diabetes Technology Research Group of the University of Bern has joined the event and presented the latest project’s results. Real time demonstrations of the prototype took place, so that the people could get familiarized with  the various implemented […]

05/06/2014 - Workshop – Medical Devices: From the Lab to the Clinic

Tanslational research presents many challenges until its introduction to clinical practice. The aim of this seminar, hosted by the GoCARB consortium, is to provide guidance to researchers at all levels on the processes and challenges involved in taking their invention from the laboratory to the clinic. The event will be held in English, is free […]

26/02/2014 - EASD Diabetes Technology Conference, 26-27 February 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany

The GoCARB system has been successfully presented during the 1st EASD Diabetes Technology Conference (Poster Presentation)


05/02/2014 - GoCARB@ATTD2014

The first GoCARB prototype was presented at the ATTD2014 conference on Feb 5 – 8 in Vienna, Austria. The system running on a smartphone is able to recognize the food items, estimate the corresponding carbohydrate content and taking into consideration the current blood glucose concentration to estimate the prandial insulin bolus. Results using dummy and real meals […]

17/12/2013 - Lecture on Technology Options for Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring

The ability to determine the concentration of glucose without the need for pricking, i.e. non-invasively, is perceived as the most convenient way of glucose monitoring. Various attempts towards non-invasive glucose monitoring have been and are being reported in literature. The technologies behind these advances include, for example, near infrared spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, Raman spectroscopy, […]

10/12/2013 - Lecture on Technologies used for Measuring Glucose Continuously in People with Diabetes

The presentation starts with an introduction to the use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) in patients with diabetes. The principal section covers the major technological approaches to measure glucose continuously with implanted sensors, such as electrochemical and fluorescence-based technologies. The final part comprises algorithm-related aspects relevant for CGM sensors, in particular filtering and calibration. The […]

10/11/2013 - GoCARB@IEEE BIBE2013 in Chania, Greece

The latest GoCARB achievements have been presented in IEEE BIBE2013 conference on November 10-13 in Chania, Greece. The project had two presentations: i) on food segmantation and recognition and ii) on 3D volume reconstraction and carbohydrate estimation. More information is provided in the “Publications” section. 

26/09/2013 - Clustering event organised by the REACTION project on Ambient Intelligence Advanced Technologies in Support of Healthcare and Assisted Living, Heraklion, Greece, 26-27th September 2013.

The GoCARB project has been presented in the clustering event organized by the REACTION Consortium. For more information please visit the REACTION Clustering Event website.

17/09/2013 - World MedTech Forum, 17-19 September 2013, Lucerne, Switzerland

GoCARB System has been presented during the World MedTech Forum.


27/08/2013 - GoCARB Annual Meeting and Mid Term Review Meeting, Bern, Switzerland (August 2013)

The GoCARB Consortium met in August for the 3rd Annual Meeting. The project progress was discussed as well as the next steps towards the activities scheduled for the next two years. The day after, the Consortium met with the External Evaluator for our Mid Term Review Meeting.

03/07/2013 - GoCARB@IEEE EMBC2013 in Osaka, Japan

GoCARB has been presented at the IEEE EMBC2013 conference on July 03-07 in Osaka, Japan. The project’s results in the areas of  food segmentation, food recognition and 3D model reconstruction using two images acquired by a smartphone’s camera were presented.

03/06/2013 - Presentation of GoCARB in Forschungsbericht 2012 (Bern University Hospital)

Die Diabetes Technology Research Group des ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research ist in der Erforschung des Typ-1-Diabetes bereits einen Schritt weiter. Im Rahmen eines EU FP7-Projektes, das sich GoCARB nennt, entwickeln die Forscher ein System, welches das Essen auf dem Teller erkennt. Die Idee ist folgende: Mit seinem Smartphone mit Kamerafunktion fotografiert der Diabetiker […]

27/05/2013 - Public Event: Diabetestherapie mit technologischer Unterstuetzung

Öffentliche Vorträge für Personen mit Typ-1 Diabetes, für deren Angehörige und weitere Interessierte zu folgenden Themen: Diabetestechnologie – Einführung Kontinuierliche Glucosemessung als Hilfe in der modernen Insulintherapie GoCARB: Ein internationales durch die EU (FP7) unterstütztes Forschungsprogramm mit Zentrum Bern (Download the invitation)

24/05/2013 - Biomedical Engineering Day

GoCARB Demonstration @ BME2013


22/04/2013 - Meeting with NCPs, Bern, Switzerland

Presentation of GoCARB project and IAPP experience to National Contact Points (NCPs) from Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and from South Africa.

27/02/2013 - GoCARB@ATTD2013

GoCARB was presented at the ATTD2013 conference on Feb 27 – Mar 2 in Paris, France. Latest project achievements was presented. The topics of the presentations include the results of food segmenation, recognition and 3D volume estimation. The corresponding abstracts are included in the “Publications” section.

18/12/2012 - GoCARB Annual Meeting

A GoCARB plenary meeting was held at the University of Bern in Switzerland on December 18, 2012.

13/12/2012 - Lecture on Insulin Delivery Methods

The presentation was a survey of commercially available insulin delivery devices and associated product features for individuals living with diabetes. Types of insulin, indications for use for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and complications have also been discussed. The lecture, part of the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Course Technology and Diabetes Management, was given […]

06/12/2012 - Lecture on Glucose Measurement

The presentation covered the spectrum of glucose measurement methods. Modern blood glucose analysis (chemistry and biochemistry, role of diffusion, analytical performance, specificity, interferences, limitations) and continuous glucose monitoring have been presented. The lecture, part of the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Course Technology and Diabetes Management, was given by Dr. Joachim Hoenes from Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, […]

27/08/2012 - Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering 2012

05/08/2012 - GoCARB Newsletter #1

In our newsletter you can find  the latest highlights from the GoCARB project and the wider diabetes technology community (See Newsletter #1).


07/07/2012 - Seminar on Transfer of Knowledge

Translating research prototype to commercial medical device product (Download the invitation)

25/05/2012 - Biomedical Engineering Day

GoCARB Poster Presentation @ BME Day 2012

22/05/2012 - GoCARB Leaflet

GoCARB has launched its leaflet presenting the project (Download the leaflet)

12/12/2011 - GoCARB Kick-Off Meeting

The GoCARB kickoff meeting was held on December 12, 2011 in Bern, Switzerland. All GoCARB partners participated, while the key challenges and innovations were discussed and detailed plans for secondments and training activities were made.