GoCARB is structured in seven (7) Work Packages (WPs). Five WPs are related to research activities (WP1-WP5). One WPs is related to IPR handling/exploitation/dissemination (WP6), and one to the management of project and training activities (WP7).

WP1 – Conceptual Architecture & Visual Data Set
The objectives of WP1 are the i) review and evaluation of the state-of-the-art technologies related to portable devices, computer vision methods, and algorithms for insulin bolus estimation, ii) definition of user needs and system requirements, iii) GoCARB architecture, and iv) data collection.

WP2 – Computer Vision Tools
The scope of WP2 is the design and development of the various computer vision and machine learning algorithms to be used for i) recognition of the different types of food on a plate, ii) volume estimation and iii) carbohydrate estimation.

WP3 – Bolus Estimator
The scope of WP3 is the determination of the appropriate bolus size, given the amount and nature of the meal.

WP4 – GoCARB Integrated System
The objective of WP4 is the integration of the algorithms developed in WP2 & WP3 into a portable device.

WP5 – GoCARB Evaluation
The scope of WP5 is to evaluate the GoCARB in terms of accuracy, user acceptance and glycemic control.

WP6 – Innovation Management, Dissemination & Exploitation
The scope of WP6 is to handle the innovative results produced within the project, to define an exploitation model, to disseminate the projects results and to develop and maintain the GoCARB’s website.

WP7 – Project & Training Management
The scope of WP7 is to ensure the efficient and close collaboration of the involved partners in order to meet the project’s objectives.